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In today’s gaming era, streaming took its place in one of the most entertaining and rich careers. Everybody loves to watch streamers entertaining their audience on different platforms like youtube, twitch, and even on social media like Instagram, meta, etc. moreover, they are earning through it. But many gamers are capable to entertain their audience as well as they can take their channels to the next level. But they are getting troubled at finding a good webcam that they need to stream like their favorite streamers and YouTubers. So here I am presenting you the best webcam for your gaming setup to boost your ability as well as your skills to entertain your audience. Let me introduce you to the Elgato facecam

About Elgato

The brand Elgato was designed as well as manufactured by Elgato Systems. Elgato was brought to you by Markus Fest in 2010. Later on, in 2018, corsair owned this brand. Elgato supplies high-quality consumer technology products which can be useful to us in many ways as well as in different conditions and needs.

The Elgato Facecam

Elgato took care of the personal specification as well as modifications of the face cam so that you can stream according to your needs. The face cam provides you with a high-quality video recording with a lot of features that will make it worth it.


The design is stunning as well as professional. At the front, you will see a hypnotic design in a circular shape with several layers that are protecting a big round camera with a LED light on the front left side. On the right side, there is a branding of Elgato with the label “Facecam”. That looks pretty good on this big webcam. At the bottom, you will get a monitor mounting structure. Furthermore, at the backside, you will see a USB Type-C cable port for a wired connection.

Camera Hub with Customizations

When you will set up this camera, you will get a camera hub app along with it in which you can easily customize the pictures as well as the details of this camera. You can customize zoom level, contrast, saturation, sharpness, metering, shutter speed, ISO, and many more. The camera hub is just amazing with its tons of features along with customizations.

You can use the camera hub in many ways, you can even blur the background through it. you can also use the plugin of camera hub in the stream deck which will help you to perform customizations even in between the streaming.

Flash Memory

When you’re done fixing your setting on your webcam, you can easily save the settings on the webcam and it will store the setting on its flash memory so when you take this webcam to any other place or mount it to another pc, you will get the same settings to go on.

Some Astonishing Features

This webcam provides you a lot of features like customizations as well as fixed focus in which you don’t have to struggle manually focusing it on a particular object. The fixed focus can focus any object clearly under a finite distance which can help this camera to focus on any object appearing in front of the camera.

The sony starvis sensor captures light to provide you with more stunning quality in your videos with a high-resolution quality of 1080p with a 60hz frame rate to ensure a smooth environment to entertain your audience without the issues of lagging & buffering.

You can easily detach the monitor mount of this webcam to get the position you need to maintain a good stream. Talking about privacy, you will get a privacy cap in the box of this webcam. Just don’t lose it.

A con is that this webcam lacks a microphone. You will not get a microphone with it but the camera quality is amazing with a 2.4 aperture with a focal length of 24 millimeters to give you an 82-degree widescreen field of view with uncompressed 1080p resolution video that is pretty good.

In The Box

You will get your own Elgato Facecam with a USB type-A to type-C cable with a user manual.

Conclusion & Cost

The webcam is outstanding. It provides you with pro video quality for your audience as well as for your streaming platform. The webcam is a bit costly but it’s totally worth it. You can get your own Elgato Facecam for ₹17,499 (INR) & $149 (USD). If you’re serious about streaming and you want a webcam without worrying about any budget, just go for it.

You just read my article on Elgato Facecam. If you want more stuff related to gaming with unique gaming gadgets that will help you to improve your skill as a gamer. Just enter the virtual gaming world by engaging with us at theplaybro.com.

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