The Unforgettable Legacy of the PlayStation 2: A Retrospective

People are very crazy about the PlayStation. From children to adults, everyone is fond of playing games on it. One of the most acceptable gaming consoles is PlayStation 2.

Variation in PS2

There are two PlayStation 2 Consoles:- 1. PS2 Fat 2. PS2 Slim


The original PlayStation 2, sometimes known as the “fat” model, included a front-loading disc drive as well as HDD capability which was quite famous in the market.

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PS2 Slim

From the name it is known, the PS2 is smaller, slim, and quieter. In the original PS2, there was a huge problem with heat and fan noise but in PS2 there are lots of improvements

PlayStation 2 Logo

Manabu Sakamoto was the one who created the PlayStation logo. He wanted to give a 3D effect to the logo but by making a logo that shows the in-depth meaning of the console he developed the letters that were in the depth of space.

Discontinuation of PlayStation 2

Playstation 2 was produced in 2013, and after 12 years Sony announced its discontinuity. It was the longest time for any console production.


Basically, the software is based on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, they both were differentiated by color, CD-ROM in blue and DUD-ROM in silver. Manufacturing of this is stoped still old version of this is sold in the market