PlayStation 2

PlayStations are primarily home video gaming consoles produced by Sony Entertainment. People are very crazy about the PlayStation. From children to adults, everyone is fond of playing games on it. One of the most acceptable gaming consoles is PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 came into the market on 4 March 2000 in Japan. It was the second one to launch in the line of PlayStation and the best successor for the series of PlayStation.  It is considered the best-selling console, as it sold 155 million units globally. 

Furthermore, its games with 4000 games titles were sold all over the world with more than 1.5 billion copies. Getting success from the PlayStation 2, Sony starts producing back-to-back consoles. In short form, PlayStation 2 is named PS2.  After launching PlayStation 2 then sony developed a smaller and lighter version of the console, called Slim PS2.

What was different in Playstation 2?

  • The visuals on the PlayStation 2 were superior to those on the PlayStation that were lauded before.
  • At that point in time, it was considered the best video game Console.
  • Even if the user was given the great benefit of seating horizontally or vertically for playing games, it depends on their preference.
  • Gamers were allowed to play online with other gamers all over the world.
  • It was able to handle high-definition games like Valkyrie Profile 2 and Tourist Trophy.
  • Every new thing has some issues sort of issues in the starting, same happened with this also, there was a disk read error in starting, that was responsible for damaging the games and play states.
  • Playstation 2 memory card was of very less of only 8Mb, the gamers were not doubt so unsatisfied with this.
  • There is a great benefit of a built-in DVD and internet connection in a game.
  • In 2023, also some gamers really love to play games on PlayStation 2.

Variation in PS2

There are two PlayStation 2 Consoles:-

  1. PS2 Fat 
  2. PS2 Slim


The original PlayStation was named PS2 Fat after the launch of PS2 Slim. The original PlayStation 2, sometimes known as the “fat” model, included a front-loading disc drive as well as HDD capability which was quite famous in the market. 

The support of a Hard Disc Drive was the biggest benefit for the PS2. This 40 GB hard drive was utilized by just over 120 games in all (34 outside of Japan), the most notable of which is Final Fantasy XI, which requires it to play the game at all.

Hdd work as the backup of the game save location as well as plays the responsibility of reducing loading times by sharing the other responsibilities also. As final Fantasy needed HDD support to play, which PS2 doesn’t support.

PS2 Slim

From the name it is known, the PS2 is smaller, slim, and quieter. In the original PS2, there was a huge problem with heat and fan noise but in PS2 there are lots of improvements. Sony chose a top-loading disc tray, which allows for a smaller drive while also increasing dependability.

There was no HDD support in the slim PS2 console but there was the addition of a 40 GB hard drive and internet capabilities were still there. It has the connection of ethernet ports. There is criticism for it because of the high cost of memory cards. But also got a good response for its size and network.

There were mainly changes in the following:-

  • Size
  • Weight
  • BIOS
  • United Engines
  • Graphics Synthesizer Chip
  • Power Adaptor Size
  • Latest laser lens

We can say it is a superior console in every way.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages at the same time

PS2 Fat And PS2 Slim

PlayStation 2 Logo

Manabu Sakamoto created the PlayStation logo. He intended the logo to reflect the console’s 3D capabilities, but instead of just adding apparent depth to the letters “P” and “S,” he developed an optical illusion that indicated the letters were in the depth of space.

Manabu Sakamoto was the one who created the PlayStation logo. He wanted to give a 3D effect to the logo but by making a logo that shows the in-depth meaning of the console he developed the letters that were in the depth of space. 

PlayStation 2 Logo

Discontinuation of PlayStation 2

Playstation 2 was produced in 2013, and after 12 years Sony announced its discontinuity. It was the longest time for any console production. New games for such console was also stopped till the end of 2013. The game which was last launched for it was Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. The ever-repairing service center also ended in September 2018.

There were also a number of colors that were available in the console like ceramic white, yellow, metallic blue, white black, and ocean blue, in limited stock pink color was also available. All these were distributed in different regions like Oceania, and many other regions of Asia. 

Library of Game

PlayStation offers very high-profile games which are listed below:-

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • God of War
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Jak and Daxter
  • Sly Cooper
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

There are many more games that were released for the console, these are some famous games that are mentioned above. The games released in 2004 were at their peak, but it was denied with the release of PlayStation 3. The same game was released with different names in various countries. 


Basically, the software is based on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, they both were differentiated by color, CD-ROM in blue and DUD-ROM in silver. Manufacturing of this is stoped still old version of this is sold in the market. Still, there is demand for PlayStation 2. One can easily buy it from the market or online. 

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