Valve Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console

Many of you gamers are fond of the Nintendo switch as it is a handheld console. But now am gonna show you a handheld console that is more powerful than the Nintendo Switch. But on the other hand, it is a little more expensive than the Nintendo switch. Handheld consoles are the most important console type for traveler gamers. Just think of a handheld console in which you can easily play all the Sony PlayStation 5 games at 60 fps at the highest settings.

Steam With Valve

Steam is a popular video game distributor service platform from where you can purchase video games easily. Steam is now one of the most popular distribution companies in today’s era of video games. Valve Corporation was brought to you by two individuals from the Microsoft team which is now one of the biggest gaming companies. Gabe Newell & Mike Harrington were the two founders of this amazing company. Steam was begun as well as spread by the valve in 2003.

Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console

Steam released its high-end gaming handheld console in 2022. Moreover, it made a huge awareness in the gaming market as people claimed that this console can easily beat the Nintendo switch. This handheld console comes up with a stunning design along with outstanding performance. You can play any game even while traveling without any electric supplement.

Features Of The Steam Deck

  • The partnership with AMD brings you a custom APU for powerful gaming.
  •  You can easily play by logging in with the steam library.
  •  The latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
  •   Dual-band wi-fi technology to provide you with an uninterrupted gaming experience.
  •   Positioned for perfect analogs with trackpads for comfortable gaming.


The valve steam deck provides you with a stunning design with 7 inches screen display to enjoy your favorite console games in your hands. Coming to the left side of the console, you will get a 32.5mm trackpad in the shape of a square. Above the trackpad, you will get a left analog stick. Above the analog stick, you will get a tiny search button. At the left of the search button, you will get a d-pad. Below the trackpad, you will get a steam menu button with a mini speaker space below it.

Similarly, on the right side, you will get a trackpad of the same dimensions with a right analog stick with a tiny option button with 4 action buttons labeled as A, B, X & Y. Below the trackpad you will see another option button like the steam menu button with speaker space.

On the top of the console, you will get a power button with a notification light as well as a type-C charging port. You will also get an exhaust vent, with a headphone jack with volume “+” & “-“ buttons. On the top left with top right corners, you will get 2 triggers as L1, L2 & R1, R2 consecutively.

At the back of the console, you will get an air intake vent with the extra left as well as right keys that can be customized while playing games that are labeled as L3, L4, R3, & R4 according to the left as well as the right sides. At the bottom of the console, you will get a micro sd card slot that you can use to easily save your game progress.

Display Port 

The USB type-c port can charge the device along with it you can also use it to plug an external SSD drive to boost the performance by increasing the storage. The type-C supports display port 1.4 from which you can display the screen of the console to the television or pcs through wired connectivity. It supports 8k 60hz along with 4k 120hz display output which is just crazy for a handheld console. The display is of 7inches in size which provides you a resolution of 1200 x 800 with 400 nits brightness with a 60hz refresh rate. The display supports touch sense so it is completely touchable.

Mic & Speaker

The microphone in this console can be very useful in the case of multiplayer gaming. You can also connect headphones through the headphone jack & even through Bluetooth but just in case. The speakers are pretty loud which gives you the amazing quality of a handheld gaming console.

Connectivity To External Devices

External devices like SSD or USB hub connect your keyboards or mouse. Wired or wireless it doesn’t matters. You just require equipment to connect them through it like I just mentioned that you can plug a USB hub into the type-C port to connect your keyboards, mouse, and even controllers to this console.

Battery Backup

This console provides you a battery of 40WH which can give you a continuous gaming backup of almost 2 hours. You can also charge it while playing it through the power bank of almost 40w.

Desktop Mode And Power

You can also experience desktop mode in this handheld console. To enter the desktop mode, just press and hold the power button located at the top of the console, and an options screen will appear. Just click on the desktop mode in that options list and you will get switched to the desktop mode. In the desktop mode, the trackpads will play the role of the mouse as well as the cursors.

The right side trackpad will help you to move the mouse cursor as well as the left cursor is used to scroll throughout the website. Just rotate your finger clockwise on the trackpad to scroll down plus anti-clockwise to scroll up. You can also run OTT apps on this console through the browser. You will not get any OTT apps as this is a gaming console.

The power, as well as the performance, are crazy in this console as it provides you with the Zen 2 + RDNA 2 processor in which you can easily play all the ps5 latest games at 60 fps with high settings easily. You can easily the games like God Of War, Elden Ring & Spider-Man Miles Morals without any lagging issues at high settings with 60FPS. According to a handheld console, this steam deck console is a perfect choice.

Variants In The Steam Deck Console

There are 3 different variants available in the valve steam deck console, 64 GB, 256 GB & 512 GB. The one with 64 GB has an eMMC internal storage that is not as fast as the other two variants but it’s cheap & average for performance you will get an amazing experience in the 256 GB & 512 GB variants. The 512 GB variant is built with anti-glare glass whereas the other two have glossy ones.

Conclusion & Cost

If you want to experience handheld gaming plus you want a console to play games even when you’re traveling, this console is the best choice.  You can play any game even GTA 5 at high settings. You can get your own valve steam deck handheld gaming console for $649 (USD) & ₹56,000 (INR) on Amazon. It’s a little bit expensive but it’s completely worth it.

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