Genshin Impact 4.0 Fontaine Update As Light Rain Falls Without Reason

An Exciting update of one of the most popular online open-world games, Genshin Impact update version 4.0 is gonna released soon. So, what are the leaks and guaranteed information on the upcoming update of the Genshin Impact 4.0 Version? Stay tuned to this exciting blog to find out everything u need to know as a full-time Genshin impact player.

Fontaine – The Beautiful Underwater City

Fontaine is a beautiful region that lies in the peaceful world of Teyvat. It is a city that is submerged underwater. The hydro nation of Genshin impact. The Trailer of the Fontaine from the official Genshin Impact studios shows The God of Justice, the hydro archon sitting at the center of a destructed city.

The trailer then suddenly takes a turn and represents the beautiful city of Fontaine.

The Fontaine got big buildings and a royal lifestyle with a most popular place that is known as “ Opera Epiclese ”. The trailer also shows a magician performing in front of the audience on the stage and that magician is a 5-star upcoming playable character in the game.

Other than these, Fontaine is a beautiful city with so many water monuments as it’s a hydro nation in the Genshin impact. Also with a train that can travel on the streams of water. Along with the royal and ancient lifestyle, Fontaine follows the technological advancements to satisfy players the most.

Any leaks related to “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason”?

There are no official or confirmed leaks on the event “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason”, But according to the trailer, there’s a fight between the judge of the court in Fontaine “Neuvilette”. Other than that, the words of the magician named “Lyney” mentioned that –

“They must know all the secrets of this region to deal with the trouble”

According to the trailer, there’s a fight between the main player along with other characters of the Fontaine, their opponent will be the judge of the court “Neuvilette” for justice. And the best part is, Tartaglia (Childe) is a part of the main story. Players can’t wait for the update to release as soon as possible because of the exciting trailer and suspense of the Fontaine.

The characters of Fontaine

 In the upcoming update of Genshin Impact 4.0, it’s a guarantee that we will see three characters of Fontaine. They are the playable characters. One of them is the 5-star character and the other two are the 4-stars characters. Other than them, the leaks are not mentioned properly but there will be sure more of the new characters of Fontaine which can be shown up to us in the further updates. So, we’ll have to wait for them.

Lyney – A Famed Fontainian Magician

Lyney Genshin Impact 4.0

Lyney is a famed Fontainian who is known for his incredible magic skills as well as his great stage presence. He’s a 5-star character who uses a bow as a main weapon and possesses pyro vision. His birthday arrives on 2nd February. He’s a calm magician who uses clever words that entertains the audience making them more thrilled and loving towards him.

Lynette – The assistant of the famed magician

Lynette Genshin Impact Fontaine

Lynette is an assistant as well as the sister of the famed magician Lyney. She is a 4-star character who possesses Anemo vision and she uses a sword as her main weapon. Her birthday is unknown as well as there is not that much information or leaks available for her.

Freminent – A Man Who Loves Diving

Freminet Fontaine Genshin Impact

Freminent is a well-reserved young man who loves to spend his time alone underwater. He is well trained and experienced in diving and one of his heart-touching lines on underwater experience is –

If you look up at the sky from far enough underwater, Even the sun is soft on the eyes

Freminent is a 4-star character who uses Claymore as his main weapon and he possesses the cyro vision. His birthday is unknown and there is not much information available about him.

Upcoming characters of Fontaine

According to the leaks and rumors, there will be other upcoming characters in the Fontaine too. But still, it’s not sure whether they’ll be playable or not.

Navia Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Navia – Her weapon is not yet confirmed but as we can see in the trailer, she got the geo vision on her shoulder
Wriothesley Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Wriothesley – His vision is not confirmed as the trailer didn’t reveal that.
Sigewinne Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Sigewinne – She looks like one of the tiny characters like Dori and Sayu but unfortunately, her vision is also unknown.
Neuvilette Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Neuvilette – He is the judge of the court and his vision is also unknown.
Clorinde Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Clorinde – Can be seen as the assistant or guard of Neuvilette and she got a pistol which excites players thinking that it can be her main weapon. She is an electro-vision character.
Arlecchino Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Arlecchino – She was first seen in the trailer where Lyney and Lynette were performing in front of the audience. But the interesting part was, only Arlecchino was there as the audience. There’s a 90% chance that Arlecchino will be a Pyro vision holder.
Hydro Archon/ Furina Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Hydro Archon/ Furina – She will be a playable character and she will be the official hydro archon in the Fontaine

Are there any separated areas included in Fontaine?

The simple answer is that it’s completely unknown right now for the Genshin Impact 4.0. But according to the leaks, there will be 3 areas in the Fontaine –

  • Court of Fontaine
Court of Fontaine Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Beryl Region
Beryl Region Genshin Impact 4.0
  • Belleau Region
Belleau Region Genshin Impact 4.0

Other than these, the rumors say that there will be another 4th region which is unknown/unreleased right now. There will be also some subareas of the regions.

Belleau Region

  • Poisson
  • Romaritime Harbor
  • West Slopes of Mont Automnequi

Beryl Region

  • “A Lonely Place”
  • “A Very Warm Place”
  • Elynas
  • Merusea Village

The third area (Court of Fontaine) got no subareas. Even there is not much information available on these areas as well as the subareas.

Can we get any extra in-game features in the upcoming update?

Yes, you will get a feature in Genshin Impact 4.0 which a lot of Genshin players were waiting on for a long time. And the name of the feature is alone enough to explain it. Its name is “Diving”. Yup, you heard that right, now you can go underwater and explore fully without even the worries of any oxygen bar.

The developers say that they don’t want the players to worry about dying underwater because of an oxygen bar as they want the players to be able to explore the game underwater truly.

Yet it’s not sure right now whether you can swim underwater only in the Fontaine region or in the water of other regions too.

The release date of Fontaine/Version 4.0 and Final Words

According to the officials, the Genshin Impact 4.0 update will be released on the 16th of August. Other than these, Fontaine is gonna be a next-level update and it will make the game take a positive as well as an amazing turn to satisfy players with new characters, events, villains, and even artifacts and weapons. Genshin never disappoints us with its latest updates.

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What is the Release date of the Genshin Impact 4.0 Update?

The Genshin Impact 4.0 Version will be released on 16th August.

Can we use Diving Feature outside of Fontaine?

It is not completely sure right now but there are more chances where you will be only able to use the diving feature in the Fontaine.

Will I get underwater combat after the availability of the Diving feature?

It is very possible to get underwater combat in Diving Feature as otherwise, it will be very boring for the players inside the water.

Who is the Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact?

Furina is the Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact.

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