Minecraft 1.20 Update

Minecraft 1.20 also called Trails and Tales update, is going to come in very soon to us. If you are unfamiliar with Minecraft, we wanted to let you know that Mojang Studios are the company that created it, which is basically Java Programming Language. Very soon it is going to release in the market with all new features, a mob vote winner, new blocks, and many more.

According to developers, it is one of the upgrades that will release in order to correct all the errors made in earlier versions. Additionally, they paid particular attention to errors made in the most recent release 1.19. We will discuss all the additions and modifications that have been officially confirmed by the developers for the forthcoming Trails and Tales update in this article.

Minecraft 1.20 update Release Date

Finally, Minecraft has indeed given us the date of the release date as well as lovely graphic art which shows all of the different features that are going to be part of trials and Tales update. It is going to release on 7th June 2023, which is really soon, with only a few days to go.

It’s crucial to note that this date perfectly corresponds to the day the Wild update was the year before. On the same day, it was also announced when the wild update will released. The developers have also chosen May 26 and June 7 as the days for the Trails and Tales upgrade.

Minecraft 1.20 update features

Now it is time to talk about the most famous features of what people were so excited about. It has come up with different traits than the past updates. Some of them are also revealed by the developers. So let’s see those features in detail:-

  • Trims and Customization for Armour – Finally, after so many we are using plain armor, but now not anymore. Now we can customize it in our own way. Given the range of armor types in Minecraft and you can easily combine objects. And you can quickly find hundreds of different kinds for your collection. All thanks to “armor trim”. You have to mix the trim with your armor. You can change your armor by bringing smithing templates you discover in the outside world back to a smithing table.
  • Archaeology Features- Ultimatilty waiting after so many years, Minecraft’s much-awaited feature, the Archaeology feature is going to add to it. This will add thousands of suspicious sand bricks to the game which is close to the desert temple. And for dusting, we will get unique weapons and brushes. With the sand, we can also get pottery shards, by combining them we can make ancient ports. Each port will have unique designs that will reflect some elements of Minecraft only. A total of 20 unique port designs in this game.
  • Reworked creative inventory – There is a lot of work done on it. We will get to see a different section of
    building blocks, colored blocks, natural blocks, fundamental blocks, Redstone blocks, tools & utilities, combat, food & drinks, ingredients, and spawns eggs have a separate section and operator utilities.


  1. New Mobs – First mob coming to the game is a sniffer. Sniffer is the winner of Minecraft Mob vot 22, adult and baby versions seen in the game.
  2. Camel – Camels added in the game that naturally will sport in the desert bio. Camel will be the largest mob in the game world. At night time no other mob can attack you because camel height is really good. Two players can rife at the same time on it. It will also have dash ability as well. At the time of the ride, you can dash easily for crossing the road.
  3. Mob heads sound added – All the different mob heads in the games have different sounds according to their
    mobs. This sound you can listen to through Netblocks.

More features that are Equally Important to know

  • Bedrock edition spectator mode:- As we already know that Minecraft edition is working on spectator mode, and many updates are going to see related to the spectator in update 2.0.
  • Easily Switch Things- For if we are wearing armor, and then we have to wear elytra over it then we have to do this manually. But after 1.20 after single click elytra and armor can change. This feature is really amazing. Horses, Lamma, and all other riding modes follow the same rules.
  • Bundle- In a bundle, we will allow lifting so many things.
  • Bamboo Items- There will be a major update in bamboo items. We will able to see the whole set in the whole game. Like bamboo doors, blocks, wood, fences, trapdoors, slabs, Stairs, and many other items. The bamboo raft will be visible as well, and we may draw them in with our physical features.
  • Chiseled Bookshelves- New bookshelf got added to the game. It is quite different to see & we can store books of our choice. The best thing is it has Redstone compatibility with the help of which you can make things of your choice.
  • Cherry Blossom Biome- There will be an overworld forest biome of iconic cherry blossom trees & pink flowers will be there. Rabbits and bees will be there in the forest. It is one the most beautiful seen and many different things will be able to see with different factors.
Minecraft 1.20 Update

1.20 Update Bedrock Edition

The pocket edition served as the only inspiration for the foundational edition’s development in 2011. Moreover, the latest version of this game is compatible with nine different platforms and, when compared to the Java edition, has a totally new game code.

Special features:-

1.     We can play this edition on a console, PC, or mobile.

2.     The bedrock players can play even online with other players.

3.     Since modifications are not accessible, the system requirements for Bedrock Edition are set.

4.     For mobility, Bedrock Edition offers the choice of a controller or touch controller if played on a mobile device.

5.     It has many control features as well as safety techniques in the game.

6.     This edition may come up with banners in the map system.

7.     Expected that combat changes may to this edition.

8.     We anticipate that the 1.20 release will simultaneously include spectator and hardcore modes to the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

1.20 update Java edition

In 2009, The Minecraft Java version got invented. Later in 2017, we called it as Minecraft-Java edition instead called Minecraft.

  • We can easily change the game experience by downloading different community modes.
  • A lot of modifications loaded at once might increase the system requirements.
  • Java players can play with Java users as well.
  • We can play Java edition only on Windows, macOS, and Linux. 
  • There are six snapshots of Minecraft 1.20 Java Edition available. Snapshots 22w42a, 22w45a, 22w46a, 23w03a, 23w04a, 23w05a, 23w07a, and several others are available.
Minecraft Update 1.20

Minecraft1.20 is going to have the best updates which is going to take the game to the next level. Very few days left for the update to come to the market. Everyone is so excited about this. Even the Minecraft 1.20 update pocket edition is also going to come with its best. The team has given so much effort to introduce the game with lots of features. If you wanted to know more about Minecraft then stay tuned with ThePlayBro

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