GTA VI: Huge Reveal Updates in Details

GTA fans are waiting badly for the sequel to the much-loved GTA 5. Even though their no official information about it, at the same time there are many rumors, leaks, and characters in the game’s setting. The update on the launch of GTA VI was given at the bottom of the GTA 5 community update. That was with a single sentence that a new entry in the GTA is under process.

Before there was a doubt that will GTA VI will ever come out. Afterward, on February 2022 Rockstar Games was informed that it is under active development. The fans were so happy with this. With the declaration of this, they reveal the detail of it, and then all those information are in rumors for so much time. 

Is there any official date announcement for the launch of GTA VI?

No, their no-release date was declared for the GTA- VI. According to their most recent update on the future game, developers plan to release GTA 6 around the holiday season of 2024. But insiders also mentioned it may shift to 2025.  One of the main pieces of information that are coming out is it will only be available on new-gen Hardware. 

So, those who are waiting for it badly for it, don’t think so much, definitely, it will not be coming in the prior months of 2024. And as well they can move the date of release to 2025 or 2026. The team mentioned that many years are consumed bt GTA 5, and they have not thought this ever that GTA 5 will be in demand this much, but now they are working on the next GTA. 

Also, mentioned that they wanted the make the game better so, it is taking a long time, as they wanted to come up with the best. 

Leaks of GTA 6

Over 90 videos and photos believed to originate from a GTA 6 beta build have been published online. The Rockstar team is trying to delete all the information and the breach has been recognized. After the GTA VI leaks so much information about the gameplay has come out like the character, theme, location, & gameplay. 

Everyone was in doubt that is these rumors are true or the plan of someone to fool people. But the official statement of Rockstar confirmed through their statement that they suffered from a network attack from a third party who illegally download confidential information.  That involves the development of videos of the gameplay. 

Even also they mentioned, they are dissatisfied that the videos come out in this, in front of people. By continuing the statement Rockstar also told they will come with an update of the video very soon. For sure will give an introduction to the game once it’s properly ready.

Within 48 hours of GTA VI leaks, the platform of GTA tries to delete all the information that had come out illegally.  After the request from the Rockstar games and GTA-6 publisher, all kinds of links related to the games, images & videos had been deleted from two famous online forums. All these incidents happened on September 2022. 

What we can expect in GTA 6?

From the confidential, it is known that vice-city we will see it again. Till now, we don’t get to see the HD version of Vice City. If in this gameplay, the vice city game is back then it will be an amazing feeling to play in a different way. Many leaks have come indicating Vice-City will be back with a GTA VI map twice the size of GTA 5, even Tom Henderson has also suggested the same.

In the new play game, we may be able to see the female protagonist. This will come true or not, we will come to at the release of the game only. Dynamic character progression also can be part of the game. This means we will see the changes in the real world like the growth of hair and beard, changes in facial expressions, and more. 


The environment of the game plays an important role while playing the games. In the upcoming GTA, the environment is expected to be more advanced. That includes making new buildings & stores in between the play. 

NPCs may react realistically and every NPCs route will be different on the road. With this feature in the game, there will be real-life simulation in the game.

GTA 6 Gameplay 

New upcoming GTA in future may be going to release the GTA VI trailer soon. Moreover, it is so difficult to say how we will be allowed to play the games & what exactly new is introduced in the games. But from the leaked photos and videos it is clear that the company Rockstar is focused on testing and studying many new elements in the gameplay. In the GTA VI leaked gameplay, the people are creeping and even dragging the bodies. 

GTA VI Gameplay

New kinds may be introduced by them like painkillers. GTA stories are very interesting from the start. If we talk about GTA SanAndreas or GTA IV, their stories are next level. Storylines become an important part and we are expecting the new model stories will also be good. 

From rumors, it is also known that GTA 4 combats my return to the sixth one. More realism might get added to the game for making the game more real and smooth.

Final Thoughts

With all the discussions above, we can say Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming with a lot of new features. And it is expected that this will complete all the expectations of fans. A new GTA VI logo with connections to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto VI has appeared in a new GTA Online update. A lot of speculation, & rumors are increasing the excitement of the game day by day. Now, it’s time to wait for the game, and hope this will soon release.  

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