Top 3 Fighting Games For Smartphone

As a gamer, you must have played almost every game you like. But many gamers are fond of fighting games. But at the same time, many found it troublesome to find the best fighting game according to their needs. Today, am gonna let you know about the Top 3 Fighting Games For Smartphones devices with full-fledged action as well as stunning graphics. One game from this list is a 2D graphics game but it is as entertaining as the other two. 

Shadow Fight 4: Arena

Have you ever listened about shadow fight 2? Shadow Fight 2 is a superhit fighting smartphone game developed by Nekki with Banzai Games. Nekki is a rising gaming brand that brought you games with extreme action as well as amazing graphics with physics-inspired movements.

Shadow Fight 4: Arena is a famous PVP ( Player VS Player ) game that is a sequel to shadow fight 3. The game was first brought to you for your smartphones in November 2023. This game made the community of gamers go crazy because of the craze of earlier shadow fight series games. Shadow Fight 4: Arena is a game with realistic 3D Graphics as well as physics-based movements to create a realistic fighting combo style to entertain the players.

Shadow Fight 4: Arena


The 3D graphics of this game is amazing according to an RPG ( Role Playing Game ). You will get different characters with different fighting styles along with different talents and weapons. The gameplay mainly revolves around PVP ( Player Vs Player ) fighting where you will fight with other players around the globe.

You can choose 3 characters in your team to compete as well as to fight with your opponent’s 3 characters’ team. As I mentioned before, each hero has got their own unique fighting style. You can control your hero freely and you can even upgrade them, their skill, their armor, their weapons, their talents, and many more. Everything is under your control. Prepare your equipment and defeat your enemy.

For the movements like approaching, jumping as well as crouching, you will get a joystick on the left side of your screen. For the fighting combos, you will get a throwable button, a punch button, a kick button, and a magic button on the right side of your screen to perform your favorite combos freely as well as to fight your own way.

SF4: Arena Gameplay


There is a total of 13 playable heroes in Shadow Fight 4: Arena with different as well as unique abilities with talents you can use for your advantage in the combats. Every hero got their own type of weapon. Every hero got their own strength as well as weakness. Their own fighting style with different combos will help you to choose the character you like according to your comfort.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a brutal action fighting game with extreme graphics that is rated especially for adults. Because of the graphics contained in this game with brutalities and fatalities as well as highly enhanced graphics.

Mortal Kombat was first started as a movie in 1995 and got very popular because of the storyline as well as the graphics content in the movie which was challenging for some people to watch but on the other hand, people liked it. Mortal Kombat is all about fighting and actions. This game was released in 2015 by NetherRealm Studios. Mortal Kombat mobile was a version of Mortal Kombat X as well as the series is also rewarded for being the Number One Fighting Game.

Mortal Kombat X


This game got so much popularity after its release on smartphones and tablets. The main reason that made people go crazy for this game is the gameplay with super realistic 3D graphics and the actions with adult fighting style. The game got a fighting style that can shock you. The X-rays attacks in which the player directly hits on the bones of the opponent and the game.

Moreover, that’s not it! The game shows the inside area with the skeleton of the opponent getting hit as well as getting their bones broken. Some characters hit in the most brutal way that sheds a river of blood from the opponent. Some people find it very disturbing to play this game with graphic content but this game is amazing.

Furthermore, do you think that the X-ray attacks are the only thing that makes this game jaw-dropping? Then am afraid that you’re mistaken.  There is also fatality in this game where the player finishes the opponent in the most brutal way. By the brutal way, not only killing with the sword or a gun but killing in the most ruthless way you can ever imagine. Like tearing the brain of the opponent in the half, tearing out the eyeballs of the opponent, cutting the body into different parts, and making a design covered with full blood on it. Actions you can’t even imagine are used in this game. This game is also available in multiplayer mode.

MK Mobile Gameplay


There are many different characters according to different fighting styles with different combos as well as with different X-rays attacks and fatalities. When you will get a new character, you will get curious about its combos as well as its special attacks. Every character uses a unique type of weapon that you can use in the game. You can also upgrade your character by obtaining their cards, increasing their attack damage amount with health. Choose the character you like and roll in the match.

Dan The Man

Dan The Man is a 2D action platformer game that is developed as well as published by HalfBrick Studios. Have you ever played Fruit Ninja? Fruit Ninja was a superhit game developed by HalfBrick Studios for smartphones. Similarly, Dan The Man is a fighting game that is developed by HalfBrick Studios. This game was released in 2015 and got so much popular among gamers.

Dan The Man


Dan The Man is an interesting smartphone fighting game with 4 different playable characters with their own different combos. With a great storyline of the game as Dan The Man was a series before. You can explore so many things in the game. For the story mode, you will be given a world map where you will play different levels with bonus levels and defeat the enemies to continue. Each level has got a secret area which will reward you greater than usual for finding them. There is also survival mode which is endless.

You can also play in multiplayer mode and compete with other players. Adventure mode with different rewards and different types of levels. A special event mode with exciting rare rewards that you can earn while playing the special events and getting the reward points, you can also get the reward points by playing in the multiplayer mode of the game.  

DTM Gameplay


Each character in this game got 6 types of upgradable combos. You can earn in-game money and upgrade your characters. You will get 4 characters in this game. Dan, Josie, Barry Streakfries, and a custom character. Dan is the main character of this game with no special attributes but the upgradable combos. Similarly, Josie is also a normal character in the game with no special attributes. Barry Streakfries is a character from the game Jetpack Joyride which was also a superhit game by the HalfBrick Studios.

Barry got a shotgun with unlimited ammo that can give you a big advantage in the game. You will have to purchase Barry by paying real money. At last, your custom character which you can customize by yourself can modify the gender, name, and clothes of your character. Every cloth got a special ability with it, For Example – a hoodie can be purchased with in-game money and it can provide you 50% resistance to shock.  You can also apply outfits to your custom character.


These were the Top 3 Fighting Games For Smartphones that can entertain you. I listed a game with basic 3D graphics as well as with a simple fighting style, a brutal game for extreme gamers with lots of graphics content and enhanced 3D graphics, and at last a 2D graphics game with a peaceful environment to calm down while attending your gaming sessions.

In this list of Top 3 Fighting Games For Smartphones, I found the best games that can pass out your time as a gamer. Every game is enhanced on its own with its own category.

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