Top 3 Upcoming Ps5 Games of 2023

Many gamers are fond of console gaming and most especially, we all are just crazy for the ps5 games. If you are a regular ps5 gamer, it’s possible that you may have completed all the famous storyline games of ps5. Even if not, am sure should be waiting for new ps5 games to play on your console. So I got some good news for you, there are many new ps5 games that you can see in 2023. I will tell you The Top 3 Upcoming Ps5 Games of 2023 that can blow up the market on their first release.  

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Who doesn’t love Spider-Man? Moreover, after the ps5 hit Spider-Man Miles Morals. The game was a super hit itself because of its amazing storyline as well as the action gameplay with the open world category with realistic graphics. Now the insomniac games that developed the Miles Morals conducted the upcoming game of the ps5.

Spider-Man 2 is going to be a super hit as its trailer crossed over 27 million views in the past 1 year. Gamers are super excited about this game as it will be released this year. Talking about the characters of this game, you will see Peter Parker and Miles Morales together in this game. The villain is not confirmed as it was not revealed by the developers but it’s guaranteed that you will see Venom in this game. A villain made up of a black slimy substance that is loved by every fan of the Spider-Man series.


Moreover, if we talk about the storyline, it is not revealed but the theories say that you can see the craven as the villain in this game. In case you don’t know, craven is a villain from the Spider-Man series that is extremely expert in the hand to hand combat, especially with Spiderman. Theories say about craven because, in the trailer of this game, we hear a background voice that is similar to craven. Moreover, it is possible according to theories that Peter and Miles will get together to fight Venom And Craven.   

Swappable Characters

The leaks also mention that you can easily switch the character from Peter Parker to Miles Morales easily like you can swap characters in GTA 5. The theory says that in the process of switching the character. One character can be controlled by you and the other will be controlled by AI. Many people say that the game will be co-op multiplayer but most likely it is not possible as some claim that the company itself has already conducted that the game can only be played by a single player.


If we head on to the villains of the story, theories say that you will see venom and craven but moreover, you will also see more villains. Not only those two but you will also see Mysterio, Green Goblin, Lizard, and also many more. Some leaks also mention that Peter Parker will get the venom suit from Oscorp in this game.

Platforms And Release

Everyone is asking if this game will be available for the ps4 or ps4 pro. The authentic leaks say that there will be no chance of getting this game on the ps4. It is a ps5 exclusive, because of the graphics and also the gameplay. Everyone claims that the ps4 cannot handle this game so we can only play it on the ps5. The release date is not confirmed but it is possible that we can see the release of this game in September 2023.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Assassin’s Creed was a famous video game series that was published by a French gaming publisher company Ubisoft in 2007 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is a third-player action-adventure game that uses extreme stealth with many parkour skills. With an amazing storyline, this game succeeded so much and the Ubisoft developed more Assassin’s Creed games later like the recent superhit Assassin’s Creed Valhalla which was a super-hit game of ps4 in 2020.

Main Character

You will play the role of Basim Ibn Is’haq. The main character of the game. Basim was born in Samarra. At a young age, he lost his mother and grew up in the streets on his own in Baghdad. Basim survived on his own by robbing the streets of Baghdad as well as he also admires the hidden ones. Hidden Ones are the Assassins who fight for their rights and they always remain stealthy and hidden. Basim always dreamed of joining the hidden ones and becoming one of them.


According to the trailer, the story revolves around Basim stealing in the market and he got chased by the guards. The guards were about to catch him but an assassin saves him. The theories mention that the assassin was Roshan, she became a master assassin at the Hidden One’s after escaping a life of oppression. After saving Basim, she trained him and made him the great assassin as well as her true apprentice.

Basim becomes one of the hidden ones. Moreover, according to the trailer, he now saves innocent people from the orders of Templar rulers. Roshan chose Basim because of his impressive stealthy skills in theft as well as his dedication to becoming one of the hidden ones. Roshan found Basim as a key asset in the hidden ones so she chose him.

According to the developers, we will see Roshan with Basim from the start till the end of the game. Roshan will act as a mentor of Basim and she will evolute Basim from a normal human to a skilled hidden assassin.

Release And Platforms

The release date is not confirmed but according to the developers, we can expect the game in 2023. Furthermore, It will be available for ps4, ps5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

There was a super hit Hollywood movie that was brought to you in 2016 called The Suicide Squad. The movie was based on the comics of DC. It got so much popular because of the brutality as well as the fun-based characters with the amazing act. The movie focused on the supervillains instead of the heroes.

Recently, Rocksteady Studios developed a game based on the DC comic Suicide Squad. The name of this upcoming ps5 game is Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. This game gained so much popularity even before its release because of the famous movie series that I mentioned above. The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is an online action-adventure multiplayer game that is developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Games.


A team of super criminals was brought by Amanda Waller to complete a mission to stop Brainiac. An alien invader as well as a supervillain from DC Comics. The four supervillains of the suicide squad team, Captian Boomerang, King Shark, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn will head to the metropolis to save the members of the Justice League and defeat the Brainiac.


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice is an action-adventure game with a storyline and realistic graphics. The game is single-player as well as it can be easily played in a multiplayer mode. There are four characters in the game that I already mentioned above. You can easily swap between the four characters while playing the game and the other three will be controlled by A.I. The game is set in the open world of the metropolis

The Reveal Of Batman And Superman

You will meet Superman and Batman in this game according to the reveal trailers from the official YT channel of this game. According to the theories, Batman and Superman will be from one the villains in the game.

Release And Platform

The game was scheduled to release by May 26, 2023, but unfortunately, it’s now delayed and it will release on 2nd February 2024. It will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S as well as for Windows.


You just read my article on the Top 3 Upcoming Ps5 Games of 2023. Every game is an amazing one in its own category and storyline. Eventually, I picked up the Top 3 Upcoming Ps5 Games of 2023. If you want more updates on the upcoming games as well as the latest updates on the trending games with unique gaming gadgets, Just enter the virtual gaming world by engaging with us at



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