Hogwarts Legacy

Every gamer loves to play as well as to discover new games, As we know, there are several categories of games that we love to play. Action Role-Playing games are one of the most entertaining as well as popular categories in games. So here I am reviewing a new game that made the market of gamers go crazy. The game is Hogwarts Legacy.

About The Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an Action Role-Playing game that you can play alone as it is a story-mode game as well as it was inspired by the magical wizarding world of harry potter. This game was first released on 10th February 2023. Developed by Avalanche Software as well as published by Warner Bros. Games, this game got so much popular even before its release due to the concept related to Harry Potter (A Super-Hit Novel Series).


The game holds a beautiful magical storyline. The story is from the 1800th century as well as it is related to the goblin rebellion. You will play the role of a student in the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry where you will learn many magic skills. You discover an ancient form of magic that can be seen as well as can be felt only by you. It was a secret magic and the 2 villains that wanted to acquire this secret magic. The 2 villains were, Goblin Ranrok ( The head of the goblin rebellion ) & Victor Rookwood ( A Dark Wizard ).

The story revolves around finding the secret magic through a map that the player gets to the secret chamber that is located under Hogwarts. 4 formal Hogwarts professors made a decision to keep these ancient powers a secret. The player finds the truth about the ancient secret magic once he will complete the 4 trials of the professors.

Isidora ( A Girl From Storyline )

Afterward, the 4 professors meet a girl named Isidora, this girl can also feel the ancient power just like the player. This girl has a unique power that can extract the pain as well as the stress of people. She used this power to extract the depression and grief of her father who got depressed. The professors punished her for using this power but still, Isidora used it to extract the pain of others in the school.

The professors caught her and took her to the big basement underground where Isidora created a big reservoir for the pains and the stress of those people whom she helped. This power was the ancient power, the Bragbor ( a goblin craftsman )  kept this power safe by using technology. The professors and Isidora get involved in a fight where Isidora as well as one of the professors dies.

What Happened to the player?

The player tracks the secret magic and got underground. The player founds out that the goblin wanted to acquire the magic to use it against the wizards. Victor Rookwood and Ranrok made a team as Rookwood was an ancient family as well as the place where the reservoir was lying, also belonged to the Rookwoods.

Ranrok absorbs all the secret powers afterward and evolves into a giant dragon, the player as the hero, defeats the dragon and keeps all the energy to himself. There, the main story of the game ends.

Additional Contents

Regardless of the great storyline, you can also discover the open world of this game. You can complete missions as well as quests to get rewards, you can also customize your character before the game starts.

Your skills, your room of requirement with many more things, it’s in your hands. You can play mini-games with puzzles and even pet the dragons. There’s everything you can do, it’s your world.

The game is packed with creative stuff. You can fight, roam around the school, engage with the students as well as talk to each other to boost the relationship quests around the game. Moreover, You can discover the wizarding world your own way. You can even fly on a broomstick to go to places. The mini-map helps you to remember your way. You can even create different fighting skills in the middle of the combat.

The graphics of the game are amazing as well as the storyline is stunning. The gameplay is long enough to exhaust you if you’re about to complete the game in one shot. The minimum time of the whole gameplay in the main quest is about 15 hours. This game is amazing, the avalanche software really did a lot of effort to make such a masterpiece.

Conclusion And Cost

 The game is amazing in its own way. In case you don’t know, The Hogwarts Legacy was the most-watched game on the streaming platform Twitch. Just within the 2 weeks after its launch, this game sold more than 12 million copies. This is record-breaking. It generated around $850 million worldwide.

The game is surely stunning, currently, it is available for PS5, Windows & Xbox series X/S. Sooner, it will be released for Nintendo Switch so stay tuned. You can get your own Hogwarts Legacy game for ₹3,999, $59 ( PS4 ) & ₹4,299, $74.80 ( PS5 ). This game is completely worth it.

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