Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller

If you are a gamer, am sure you have heard about the Sony PlayStation 5. It is one of the most sold and the most ever demanded console that got out of stock on its first launch. Anyways so the PlayStation 5 also provides you with a dual sense controller which provides you features like haptic feedback vibration, wireless play & many more. But there were some things and features that the dual sense controller didn’t supply us.

About PlayStation

PlayStation was founded by Ken Kutaragi in 1994. As one of sony’s executives, he run the company’s hardware engineering divisions but after his great discovery in 1994 in which he caught up with sony in video games, he got popular under the name of “The Father Of The Playstation”.

DualSense Edge Controller

As I present before, the original PlayStation 5 dual sense controller was low on some features which the gamers call for to get a more accurate experience while playing their Ps5. So the PlayStation released the DualSense Edge to help gamers to enhance every little skill and get more wins and play with more accuracy.

Design Of The DualSense Edge

I don’t think that a controller can get more stunning and attractive than this dual-sense controller edge. The previous dual-sense controller had a very simple design that gave the most priority to the white color. But this time in the DualSense edge controller, the legendary color combination of black and white is the top priority to make the design of the controller more stunning. The controller doesn’t look simple now as we compare it to the normal dual-sense controller. This time it’s more superior.

Just like the normal dual sense controller, this controller has the same design but with greater features and extra buttons that the normal controller didn’t come up with. Two analog sticks with 2 function buttons below with a headphone jack and with a PlayStation button at the center. Above the logo button, a mini speaker grill, and below the logo button, a mic controlling button. On the left side the 4-way D-Pad with a create button at the right top of it.

Similarly, on the right side, 4 function buttons that are the identification of the PlayStation are the shape buttons of triangle, square, circle & X buttons with an options button at the top left of them. And at the center of both sides, you will see a clickable touchpad with a touch of line lights you can easily customize.

At the top of the controller, there are adaptive triggers L1, L2 with R1, and R2 with a charging type-C port at the center. At the back of the controller, you will see 2 adjustable sliders for the triggers and you will also see 2 back buttons.

Enhanced Features Of The DualSense Edge

The DualSense edge controller has so many features that it can easily replace the old DualSense controller of ps5. First of all the back buttons can help you so much that you can even customize and settle them according to your needs as well as according to the action you want to set upon them.

The function buttons are also very helpful as you can create as well as customize your own profiles according to the games you play. Now it’s never a fixed control profile that you used to see in the old PlayStation controllers.

The left Fn (function) button helps you to swap between profiles moreover in each profile, you can customize the haptic feedback, vibrations & analog dead zones sensitivity. The right Fn button helps you to control the audio purposes in the game.

Furthermore, the replaceable stick cap with modules will help you to stay consistent as well as skilled in your gameplay. The left & right triggers got a customizable trigger stop mechanism that will help you to customize the travel distance of both L2 & R2 triggers.

Back Buttons

You will get 2 types of back buttons, half-dome back buttons & lever back buttons. The back buttons can be assigned to perform the same action as you want them to perform. There are 2 back buttons in each type that can be set on the left as well as the right side at the back of the controller.

The back buttons can help you in many ways. If you find it difficult to press a key in the middle of combat so you want a quick button that can help you perform the same action as that key you found difficult to reach. In cases like these, back buttons are a great choice.

For example – if you are playing God Of War Ragnarok, you can call your axe back with the triangle button but it takes your time to call it back in the middle of combat which results in bad gameplay. With the back buttons, you can easily call back your axe in middle combat by just pressing the back button instead of the actual triangle button by assigning the back button to the triangle key.

You can insert the half dome buttons easily in the controller but in the lever back buttons, you will have to take care of the left as well as of the right side lever. Just insert them accordingly to their side that is labeled on them. After placements, you’re ready to go.

Replaceable Stick Modules & Stick Caps

You will get 3 types of stick caps that you can customize according to your comfort. Standard, high dome & low dome stick caps. You will get the standard stick cap as default by the DualSense edge. To replace the caps, just pull out the stuck cap and place the one you need and just push it until you hear a click.

In any case, if you want to change your stick module, you can easily do it. At the back of the controller, you will find a slider with “release” labeled on it. Push the release lash to the other side until the cover on the front of the controller is released. After that, a release lever is attached to both stick modules. Just lift up the lever of the stick module which you want to replace with the other.

When you will release the lever, just pull out the stick module in your direction easily & replace it with the other one. After inserting the other stick module, just press the lever back into its initial position until you hear a click. After this process, just put the cover back on and enjoy your gaming experience.

Is It Really Worth It?

If you are a full-time gamer and you are into PlayStation tournaments or multiplayer esports you do serious gaming on PlayStation. You can choose this controller it’s definitely worth it but if you are a natural gamer who plays for fun on the PlayStation. I prefer that don’t buy the DualSense edge controller as it will be a waste of money if you’re not doing any serious gaming with it.

Conclusion & Cost

The DualSense edge is a legendary controller that can help you in many ways as well as it will push you to the edge of your games. Every action is at your fingertips that can really help you in performing well. You can get your own DualSense wireless edge controller for $199.99 (USD) & ₹18,990 (INR).

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