Shadow Fight 4: Arena

Shadow Fight 4: Arena is a famous PVP ( Player VS Player ) game that is a sequel to shadow fight 3. The game was first brought to you for your smartphones in November 2023.


The 3D graphics of this game is amazing according to an RPG ( Role Playing Game ). You will get different characters with different fighting styles along with different talents and weapons

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a brutal action fighting game with extreme graphics that is rated especially for adults. Because of the graphics contained in this game with brutalities and fatalities as well as highly enhanced graphics.


This game got so much popularity after its release on smartphones and tablets. The main reason that made people go crazy for this game is the gameplay with super realistic 3D graphics and the actions with adult fighting style

Dan The Man

Dan The Man is a 2D action platformer game that is developed as well as published by HalfBrick Studios. Have you ever played Fruit Ninja? Fruit Ninja was a superhit game developed by HalfBrick Studios for smartphones


Dan The Man is an interesting smartphone fighting game with 4 different playable characters with their own different combos. With a great storyline of the game as Dan The Man was a series before


In this list of Top 3 Fighting Games For Smartphones, I found the best games that can pass out your time as a gamer. Every game is enhanced on its own with its own category.