Ps5 March Update - A Step To Enhancement

Are you a gamer? Then I am pretty sure you are familiar with the Sony PlayStation 5, in fact, it’s possible that you have it at your place currently. As a full-fledged gamer, you should stay updated about every gaming device as well as consoles you have. So recently, Sony has released the Ps5 March Update.

The system software update for the Ps5 consoles was released on 14th March 2023. Sony has developed to the next level if we talk about the PlayStation Series. The Ps5 update will provide you with a bunch of features for your console as well as you can also capture moments with just a voice command like the way you interact with Google Assistant or Siri. With many more features available that we will talk about in today’s article revolving around the Ps5 March Update.

Discord Voice Chat

The collaboration of PlayStation with Discord has brought us the discord voice chat feature in which we can voice chat together while playing games with our friends on the Ps5 console.  The discord update was brought to you on 8th march 2023.

How to Set Up The Discord Voice Chat

To set up the discord voice chat feature on your Ps5. Firstly, you have to download the discord app on your smartphone and open it. Afterwards, you have to connect your PlayStation 5 to the discord app through your smartphone. Click on your account icon which can be seen on the main menu at the bottom left corner. Head towards the account section and click on the connections button. On the top right corner, you will see an add button. Click on it and you can easily add the PlayStation Network through it.

Afterwards, you have to sign up through your PlayStation Account. Just click on get started, and discord will guide you up to the connection. Authorize your PlayStation account by signing up with your email and password. That’s it. Now you have to connect and transfer the call. Join the channel or group dm.

Connect the call, enter the channel and click on the small white line below, you will enter the settings of the call. Click on the “Join On PlayStation” icon there and your call will be transferred successfully. Now head towards your Ps5 and you’re in there. Now enjoy talking without any interruptions because, in the 14th march update, the PlayStation has fixed the issues of the discord call disconnecting randomly.

Transferring The Data

In the latest Ps5 March Update, you can now easily transfer all of your data from one Ps5 to another one without losing any of your data through any of the two consoles.

Voice Captures

From now on in your ps5, you will be able to capture your in-game moments just by using your voice commands as you do engage with Google Assistant as well as Apple Siri.

Just say “Hey PlayStation, Capture That!”. After saying this, the ps5 will capture the most recent moment of your gameplay in form of a video clip. The time of the saved clip depends upon how much time you have set in the settings. For example, if you have set up the time limit of 60 seconds in the settings, then the PlayStation will record the previous 60 seconds of your clip after you command the PlayStation to capture the moment. You can also save clips for a specific time according to your needs. For example, if you need to save a clip for 3 minutes. Just say “Hey PlayStation, Capture the last 3 minutes”.

Friends Who Play

Friends who play feature tile have been put on to Ps5 from which you can see your friends who own the same game as yours as well as also you can see when they are online. By clicking on the Friends Who Play tile, you can see what your friends are doing on the PlayStation as well as you can engage with their profiles.

DualSense Controller Wireless Update

In case you don’t know, the PSVR2 as well as the dual sense controller supports wireless connectivity updates. You don’t need to update your console to this version for using this feature. Many of you gamers didn’t know it before.

1440p HDMI Output

Before this update, the PlayStation was able to support up to 1080p resolution quality on your screen through the HDMI cable. But now in the Ps5 March Update, the video quality provides you with 1440p HD quality and later on, the chances are that it improves to the 4k Ultra HD resolution quality for high-level gaming.

How To Update Your Ps5?

If you want to update your Ps5 console to the latest version 23.01-07.01.00. Go to the settings afterwards then click on the system software. Continue on the system software updates and settings. If the new version is available, it will show “Update Available”. Just click on it and you’re good to go.


The features of the updates that I mentioned in my article are not the only features available. There are many more features available for the ps5 in the Ps5 March Update.

You just read my article on the Ps5 March Update. If you want more updates related to gaming and with honest reviews on unique gaming gadgets. Just enter the virtual gaming world by engaging with us at


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