Cosmic Byte Vulcan RGB Headphones Stand

Are you a full-time gamer? Then am pretty sure that you have a gaming setup as well as you use wired or wireless Bluetooth gaming headsets with you. But where do you keep those headphones when you are not using them?

If you put them on your table or desk just laying here and there without any of the equipment or attraction, it is a kind of little rudeness to them as a gamer never lets his/her’s equipment, those gadgets he/she uses in a regular time to just leave here and there when they are not in use. Well, let me introduce you to the Cosmic Byte Headphone Stand to give your gaming setup an incredible attraction with a sweet touch of the RGB Lights as well as with a few advantages for you as a gamer.

About The Cosmic Byte

It is a brand from the country with one of the biggest markets in the world. The cosmic byte is a trusted Indian brand known for its cheap and best-quality products with stunning designs. This brand was founded in 2016 by Ronak Gupta.

Most people think that this brand is just a little below average but if we don’t completely trust this brand, we can trust it at least partially as this brand provides us with one of the best quality products.

If we don’t buy gaming headphones or gaming keyboards from Cosmic Byte which are indeed above-average and nice products. But I am sure the accessories from this brand are just amazing. Yes, the brand is new but it holds up to a 4-star overall rating out of 5 on Amazon. So I think we can try the products from them at least once.

Features Of The Cosmic Byte Headphone Stand

  • The RGB lights will give your gaming setup a sweet spot.
  • 4 USB ports to plugin every main equipment needed.
  • Mouse bungee for a tangle and interruption-free experience.
  • RGB control button to get every color on a single touch.
  • Anti-skid grip at the top for your headsets.

Design And Components

The cosmic byte headphone stand provides you with a sweet and sleek design in a U shape. It is made up of fine plastic material with a silica gel non-slip rubber pad on the top to prevent your headsets from falling. An RGB texture that is aligned according to its body and can be easily controlled by a single touch by the touch button fingerprint at the bottom part of the stand.

Near the controller button, you will get a mouse bungee. On the sideways, you will 2 USB 2.0 hubs on each side at left and right. The height of this stand is 27 centimeters and the width of 12.8 centimeters. The weight is nearly 480 grams. Am completely satisfied with the dimensions of this headphone stand. It’s comfortable and amazing. This stand also has 4 mini rubber grips at the very bottom of it to prevent the slipping of the whole stand.

Mouse Bungee And Touch Button

In case you don’t know what is mouse bungee, it is a supporter of your mouse wire that prevents tangles. When we play games, the wire of the mouse is very long that it interferes with your hand and you have to adjust it in between your gaming sessions which is irritating.

Just insert your mouse wire from above the mouse bungee and get it according to your need and you’re done. Now the mouse wire is no longer gonna interrupt your gaming sessions. In case you stretch the mouse a little bit more than needed, the stand has 4 rubber pads below to prevent a fall. It is completely made up of rubber material.

 The touch button is located just ahead of the mouse bungee, it is a fingerprint sensor, just hold it to turn the RGB lights on/off and tap to change the styles of the lights. The lights just lit up the whole setup and this headphone stand looks extremely attractive and stunning in RGB lights.

Is This Headset Stand Available In Any Other Color?

No, the cosmic byte headphone stand is not available in any other color than black. According to me, black is the best color for it as this stand also has RGB lights. They don’t look good in any other colors like white or any other. So black is best!

What’s In The Box?

A brand new Cosmic Byte Vulcan Rgb Headphones Stand & 1 USB cable.

Conclusion & Cost

The cosmic byte headphone stand will definitely help you with maintaining your space on the desk for your headphones and it can also help you with your gaming sessions. You can plug in your keyboard, mouse, and even your wired headphones, and still, you will get 1 free USB port. Cosmic Byte really gave us every advantage we should get in our gaming sessions at such a decent and average price.

You can get your own Cosmic Byte Vulcan Rgb Headphones Stand at ₹1,999 (INR) at Amazon.

Thank you so much for reading my article on this marvelous headphone stand. If you want more updates to the latest games and accessories. Just engage with us and enter the virtual gaming world at

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