Mivi Commando X9 Review – A Step Ahead For Gamers

Many gamers prefer gaming earbuds over gaming headphones as they find gaming headphones very big as well as very heavy for their head. They also prefer earbuds because of the wireless connection with a long-lasting battery for their gaming sessions. So am gonna show you the best and the latest gaming earbuds you can get under the budget of 2k. Mivi Commando X9 is currently the best gaming earbuds you can get under a reasonable price.

Design Factors

The case of Mivi Commando X9 is very stunning as it is inspired by a space cell type design. The case is in a square shape with an RGB display labeled with the name MIVI with 2 diagonal gaming strips with full RGB lighting. RGB lights are also present at the sides of the case with a Type-C charging port on the left side of the case.

Inside the case, there are earbuds with a fingerprint touch on them at their top back part with RGB lighting. A button to change the effects of the RGB lights is present in the case with 4 battery display dots just below it. On both sides of the button, there are dual charging pins in the case that can charge your earbuds with magnetic connectivity so you can easily cooperate with your case.

Mivi Commando X9

RGB Aurora Lights

Every gamer loves RGB lights as well as they want RGB lights in almost their every gaming equipment. Good news for you, Mivi Commando X9 gaming earbuds got RGB lights in both the earbuds and on the case. On the case, you will see stunning strips of RGB lights on both sides of the case as well as also on the top of the case. On the earbuds, there are RGB lights just below the fingerprint scanner on the earbuds.

There are a total of 7 different switchable modes for the RGB lights in these gaming earbuds. The button located at the center of the case will help you to switch between the modes of the lights. You can easily switch the modes into—

  • Static
  • Breathing
  • Waves
  • Quick Fade
  • Flicker
  • Cycle
  • Metamorphosis

Sound & Connectivity

The sound of these earbuds is open as well as clear with a quad mic system ( Dual Microphone In Each Earbud ). One mic is a feed-forward mic with another calling mic in each earbud to interact in a clear way without any interruptions with your teammates. The Environmental Noise Cancellation ( ENC ) technology will support you to stay coordinated also connected to your teammates to go for the win in your gaming sessions. The main problem during the gaming sessions that many gamers who use wireless hearing equipment face are the lag along with the sound delay from the game to the equipment they are using due to the low quality of the product.

Mivi Commando X9 offers you the latest Bluetooth technology of Bluetooth 5.3 that can provide you with a lag-free experience with fast connectivity. It can stay wirelessly connected to you within a range of 10 meters. The ultra-low 35ms sound latency will help you to hear the footsteps as well as the gunshots at the most accurate time to enhance your reaction time against the enemies. Get deep inside the feeling of bass with the 13mm electro-dynamic drivers that will provide you with a clear sound in gaming as well as in the music.

Mivi Commando X9 ENC

 Gaming Mode & Battery Backup

Commando X9 got 2 modes, a normal mode which is good for watching movies or listening to music, with a gaming mode that enhances the performance of the earbuds as well as activates the low latency. To activate the gaming mode, you just have to tap 3 times on the fingerprint scanner located on the left earbud. The fingerprint scanner is located just above the RGB light on the earbud.

The battery backup of Commando X9 is just crazy according to the gaming earbuds. You will get Type-C Quick Charge support for these earbuds. The battery backup is amazing as these earbuds can provide you upto 5hrs of playtime on just 10mins of charging. Up to 72 hours of battery backup with uninterrupted connections in a single full charge.

Mivi Commando X9 Battery

IPX4 & Colour Variants

You can get your drinks in between your gaming sessions without any worries as the Commando X9 provides you the IPX4 water-resistant technology that will not affect these earbuds from the splashes of water, even your sweat won’t affect these earbuds so you can stay focused on the workout as well as on your gaming sessions without any worries.

According to your needs, you can choose any color from the 5 available color variants for the Mivi Commando X9.

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Space Grey
Mivi Commando X9 Color Variants
Conclusion And Cost

Commando X9 is surely a beast earbuds pair for gamers. The most impressive thing about these earbuds is the battery backup together with the RGB lights with the stunning gaming design. The looks of these earbuds are eye-catching as well as attractive.

You can get your own Mivi Commando X9 gaming earbuds for ₹1,999 ( INR ). It’s pretty worth it according to the cost as well as the features as you will get RGB lights gaming earbuds with bass-boosted sound, switchable modes, water resistance technology, high battery backup with many more features.

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