Razer KIshi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller

If you don’t have a console or pc but still want to get the experience of console gaming. As your mobile phone is high-end and can easily handle almost all the console games. Then Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller is for you. Even if you also want to play normal android games with the use of a controller it is one of the best solutions.

Razer is a well-known gaming brand that is mainly famous for its mobile gaming accessories. It is a dash-style gaming brand that makes products according to your need. They make keyboards, gaming controller consoles, streaming accessories, with many more types of equipment for gaming.

Features Of Razer Gaming Controller

  • Never lag out by the direct connection of the USB-c type port.
  • Stretching mechanism to fit any android device.
  • Clickable analog thumbsticks to fly-high your accuracy.
  • Ergonomic design to make sure your hands don’t slip off.
  • Xbox game pass is included to get cloud gaming on the move.


Razer mobile gaming controller is the most comfortable designed gadget. This gadget has a stretchable structure that can fit itself into almost every android phone. Firstly, both the left and the right part of the controller is attached together. Making it a small as well as comfortable-size controller to fit in any place.

The controller buttons are inspired by the Xbox controller. Hence it gives you the experience like you are holding a real controller instead of a smartphone. The thumbsticks with buttons are fine along with easily clickable to get an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The Controller Functions

The buttons are well optimized to make sure you don’t press any other button rather than the one you want to perform. 2 clickable analog thumbsticks, an 8-way d-pad, bumpers (L1/R1), triggers (L2/R2), 4 face buttons, a type-C pin at the left side of the right analog stick, 2 speaker ports at the center of the right analog with a type-C pin.

All of the buttons are well placed as well as optimized according to human fingers and thumbs that are easily clickable. The 8-way d-pad is well designed by the inspired design of the Xbox pad. It is known as 8 way d-pad because you can perform key arrows up, down, left, and right, as well as some simple combinations to get a diagonal angle (Like – up + right = northeast angle).

The small type-C pin is very useful as it connects the main controller to the mobile phone. When the phone is inserted into this controller (by the stretching method). The tiny USB type-C can be plugged directly into the mobile phone to make a connection with the controller.

In any case, when you are low on your battery, you don’t have to detach the controller, just plug your charging cable into the type-C port that is located at the bottom of the right side of the controller. It will give the power source through the type-C pin that is attached to your smartphone. Yeah, it’s as simple as that.

In any case, when the speakers of your smartphone are blocked by the controller, the controller has 2 speaker ports to let the sound produce itself through them. Or I recommend you use Bluetooth headphones for the best experience.

A Small Gift For You

If you don’t, let me tell you that you can play any game with the cloud gaming technology which allows you to play any high-level game on any type of smartphone, you can even play GTA V on a low-end smartphone. To use cloud gaming as well as enjoy high-end games, you must first purchase the Xbox Game Pass.

With the Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller, you will get an Xbox game pass ultimate for free with the 14days of validity to play cloud games. The Razer Kishi smartphone app gives you the latest updates on which games you can play with this controller or which games are compatible with it.

Yeah, 14 days are pretty less for a game pass but if we look at the gadget, with the quality Razer is providing, it’s not that bad.

Size, Fitting, Along With Weight

Now we are talking about the size of the controller. I am pretty impressed as you can see we need to stretch the controller out to fit it into our device, but when it’s idle, its size is so small that it can fit even in our pocket.

Its idle width is just 9.4 centimeters with a height of 37 millimeters. These small dimensions are almost perfect for your phone. The weight of this gadget is 158 grams which can make you feel like you are carrying a bit of extra weight on your hands. But you will get used to it in 3-5 days if you use this gadget regularly.

What Are The Requirements?

Xbox game pass, (for the cloud gaming if needed) & 1 A battery for this controller to work on.

What’s In The Box?

Your own brand new Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller. A User manual in the case of any queries.

Conclusion And Cost

If you are a gamer, or you want to experience console gaming on your android phone, just go for this gadget. The features I have covered for this gadget in my article are the main features as well as details that every person should know about this controller. And there are far more features that this gadget can provide you. 

You can get your own Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller for ₹10,716 (INR) & $42.95 (USD) on Amazon.

You just read my article on Razer Kishi Universal Android Gaming Controller. If you want more about gaming gadgets with their latest gaming updates and trending games you need to know. Therefore, just enter the world of gamers by engaging with us at theplaybro.com.

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