Vero Forza Artic Pro Mobile Gaming Cooler

Are you tired of lagging, fps drop, and mainly, heating issues on your android or ios devices? In that case, let me introduce you to a growing gaming accessories brand Vero Forza which provides you high quality and styled gaming accessories. All the issues mentioned above as lagging and fps drop are interlinked to heating issues, so if we got rid of the heating issue of our device, we can enhance our gaming experience easily. Vero Forza kept an eye on this issue and introduced a marvelous gaming gadget to enhance your experience. The device is called Vero Forza Artic Pro Mobile Gaming Cooler.

Features Of Vero Forza Artic Pro Mobile Gaming Cooler

  • Chilling your device is now a matter of seconds to boost your performance.
  • Silent chilling of 22db to let you stay focused.
  • Enhanced technology of thermal cooling.
  • Average size to fit all the devices.
  • The RGB lights give you an experience of a full-fledged gamer.
  • Level up without waiting by plug and play.


Vero Forza Artic Pro comes with a snap–on–clip feature which helps it to adjust itself on any device except iPad or big devices. The Artic Pro fits devices with up to 10cm of width and 2cm of depth. Moreover, it’s black colored with RGB lights which gives an astonishing and amazing look. It has 6 blade fans that help to cool the device.

It has a USB type-C power cable socket to get an uninterrupted gaming experience. A sick shape with a center big circle filled with RGB lights as well as 6 tiny blade fans that makes almost no sound covered with a body made of fine material plastic with a Vero Forza logo at its center gives this gadget a marvelous design.


This mobile cooler has 6 blades and plastic fans that revolve with an amazing speed. But this speed gives you the advantage of providing gentleness to your ears and giving you a distraction-free gaming experience.

This gadget produces a sound of just 22db which is almost unhearable to the human ear. Vero Forza kept an eye on your gaming experience and it will because it’s a responsible gaming brand.

Silent Chilling

The Vero Forza Artic Cooler has unique and marvelous technology for silent chilling. It can chill your device in a matter of seconds. Therefore, in only 10 seconds, the temperature of your device drops like you didn’t even notice and it already worked. However, I am really impressed with this gadget.

If we talk about other heavy tasks expect gaming where your phone can get heated up easily. for example if we look into the summer season, the phone heats up like fire. In the case of the summer season, this device can easily help you in just 10 seconds.

The Vero Forza Artic Cooler uses the Peltier effect to cool your devices. You can also call it thermal cooling.

Length, Weight & Plug & Play

This gadget has a length of 19mm, a width of 36mm, as well as a weight of just 130 grams. This device covers a small part of the back part of your phone its lightweight makes it unnoticeable while getting on the gaming sessions. You can’t even feel the gadget stuck at the back of your phone as it’s very light.

If you are a gyroscope player, u may face small difficulties as you are sticking a device at the back of your phone. It may take up to 3-4 days to get used to it. But it’s completely worth it.

Why are batteries as well as power charging when gaming is all about wired stuff? The Artic Cooler is a wired gaming cooler that can cool your phone in an instant time of 10 seconds. Just use it with a power source and an adapter of at least 5V/1A-2A. That’s it! You’re ready to show your gaming skills in the real battle without any fluctuations and frame drops.

Fitting And Action!

Just fit and play, yeah it’s as easy as its name is, this gadget is provided with a clip, just snap that on your phone, fit the gadget according to your needs, as well as you’re done. The clip is made up of strong plastic and metal and it can’t be broken easily. But still, we should take care of our stuff.

Just like Vero Forza took care of our gaming experience.

Any Other Color For Artic Pro?

This gadget is not available in any other color than black. If you ask about my opinion, I will say that this gadget looks amazing in the color black. Because the black color will give it a fascinating as well as a sweet touch of looks combined with the RGB lights. Any other color can’t compete with it.

What Are The Requirements?

  • A power source with an adapter of minimum 5V/1A-2A.

That’s it!!

What’s In The Box?

Vero Forza Artic Pro Mobile Gaming Cooler & A USB C-Type Cable

Conclusion And Cost

Moreover, this gadget is just amazing. It’s lightweight, designed, and comfortability, as well as mainly cools the device. Everything is fascinating. You can get your own Artic Pro Gaming Cooler at just ₹1,169 at Flipkart.

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