Arctic Fox Kobra Gaming Backpack

So, you are a gamer as well as a traveler. Every traveler wants a carry bag in which they can store their valuables. Gamers find it very difficult to store their consoles, headphones, portable power bank, laptops, also many more gaming accessories that they need throughout their journey.

About The Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox is a slowly rising gaming brand that is known for the quality of its budget gaming materials with accessories. This brand was brought into being by Sridhar Thirunakara in 2018. Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) is one of the biggest YouTubers in Asia as well as the brand ambassador of Arctic Fox. People claim that artic fox is one the most durable brand that provides high-quality products to their customers by direct-to-customer (D2C) platform.

Arctic Fox Kobra Gaming Backpack

This gaming backpack can store any PlayStation console as they are thinner than Xbox consoles (Xbox is difficult to fit in this backpack). The other gaming valuables like headphones, controllers, etc can be kept easily in this backpack. This backpack is a durable backpack that will protect your valuables.

Features Of Arctic Fox Kobra Backpack

  • Anti-theft mechanism with number lock to protect your valuables at any cost.
  • 17 inches laptop compartment to fit laptops of almost all sizes in it.
  • Water-repellent fabric protects your items from rain or accidental splashes.
  • Trolley sleeve to lower the weight.


The Arctic Fox Kobra Backpack provides you with a full stunning attractive gaming back with an arctic fox logo at the front with the written word “gamer” to make it more attractive. So the environment can already tell who you are. The backpack provides you with a huge amount of space to get a hold of your bulky items.

Opening the zip you will see a fabric strap to hang your headphones on it. You will get a laptop pocket that can easily fit laptops of up to 17 inches of the size. Below the laptop pocket, you will see another pocket that can fit a tablet in it. Below these, you will see a pocket with a net pattern that can help you to store small valuables like AirPods also another separate pocket without the net design to store more valuables.

The Other End (Design)

On the other end of the backpack, you will see two mini pockets on the left side. Similarly, on the right side, you will see two more mini pockets but one of them comes with a USB cable that stores the power bank to charge your phone easily. Moreover, you will get another 2 big pockets with one as a pattern of the net. Moreover, outside, you will get 2 big straps to hold the bag, one at the top as usual to carry the bag but one at the right side above the USB port that leads to the power bank to hold the bag horizontally.

At the back of the bag, you will see 2 pairs of different straps. One pair of the big ones that we use to carry the bag onto our shoulders, with one under them is a mini strap pair that can fit the bag on the luggage. On the left end, you will see a bottle compartment.

Waterproof With The Number Lock

The Arctic Fox Kobra backpack is made up of polyester material which can protect the bag from water splashes but you will get a rain cover with the backpack to protect itself with your valuable items from getting wet. The material at the bottom of the backpack is a high abrasion-resistant material so that you can place the bag at any place without any worries.

Above the shoulder straps, you will see a number lock security system to lock the zips of the backpack to enhance security. At the very first, the default code will be set to 3 times zero but you will get a manual with it that will teach you how to change it to your own code which you can remember. Just enter the code and push the side button to unlock the zips.

Anti-Theft & Power Bank

The Arctic Fox Kobra backpack has zips that hide under your shoulders together with extra number locks so it can prevent stealing and so that you can peacefully enjoy your journey. Your valuables are safe in this backpack.

Looking at the power bank as well as the USB system, many people are unable to understand the structure of the USB cable with the power bank. Let me explain it to you in an easy along with understandable way. On the right side of this backpack, under the holding strap, you will see a small port of USB type-A which you can easily connect to a USB wire in the backpack. you can easily grab it as well as can be seen easily from inside the backpack.

This USB wire is a type-A from both sides, you can attach one end to the outer port below the big strap at the other end that lies inside the backpack. So you can easily attach a power bank at the end of the USB wire which lies inside the bag along with a data cable which you basically use along with the power bank to charge your phone that you can easily connect to the outer port which is below the big strap.

This will make a connection between your power bank to your smartphone by securing the power bank which lies inside the backpack and the security of your smartphone is great inside your pocket. This whole thing is just a joining mechanism to make a connection between your smartphone to your power bank.

Is This Backpack Available In Any Other Colors?

This backpack is available in 2 different colors. Black & dark denim.

What’s In The Box?

Your own Arctic Fox Kobra Gaming Backpack

Conclusion And Cost

Arctic fox really took care of the security of our valuables by providing us with this backpack with every advantage. The space, waterproof materials, anti-theft mechanism, power bank source, moreover the stunning look of gaming made this backpack completely worth it according to its price.

You can get your own Arctic Fox Kobra Gaming Backpack at ₹1,979 (INR) at the official site of arctic fox and also you can get this backpack on Amazon.

You just read my article on this amazing backpack by the arctic fox. If you found it useful and you want more accessories that can help you to the game and regular updates to the latest as well as trending games you should know as a gamer. Just enter the virtual world of gaming by engaging with us at

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